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WILD ANIMALS QUIZ FOR KIDS | Knowledge Trivia Questions about Animals for Kindergarten, Preschool

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Wild animals quiz for kids. This educational game will help kids, preschoolers and kindergarten learn about animals. Subscribe to Kiddopedia channel for more educational videos for kids → https://kiddopedia.page.link/sub

Kiddopedia channel is the right place to learn the animals. In this guessing animal game, we will give information about animals and you will guess which wild animal it is. The narrator will give children a brief introduction to which animal it is. "I have big ears and a long trunk. Who am I?" and "I'm the national animal of Australia. I like jumping." we will ask you to guess the animals from their recipes. We give the child some time to think. A cute video then reveals the correct answer and pronunciation of the animal's name.

Our video is prepared in 4K format to give the best learning experience. High-quality animal videos can be watched on a mobile device, as well as on television. Parents who are not native English speakers can benefit from this educational video by assisting their children while learning.

Only real animal videos in 4K quality are used in this video. This video will help your kids to learn the different animals correctly. This video with information about wildlife animals is an excellent education for children to have fun and learn about wild animals.

List of animals vocabulary in this video:
00:05 Raccoon
00:22 Fox
00:38 Squirrel
00:55 Koala
01:13 Hedgehog
01:28 Orangutan
01:43 Anteater
01:58 Dolphin
02:13 Antelope
02:27 Lemur
02:43 Elephant
02:56 Giraffe
03:10 Lion
03:24 Zebra
03:38 Panda
03:53 Cheetah
04:10 Octopus
04:24 Ostrich
04:39 Orca
04:55 Flamingo
05:09 Polar Bear
05:22 Tiger
05:37 Wolf
05:51 Chameleon
06:05 Crocodile
06:21 Owl
06:33 Kangaroo
06:48 Penguin
07:02 Dinosaur
07:17 Chimpanzee

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