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Which animals have the strongest BITE FORCE? | Animal Bite Force Comparison Quiz

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Which animals have the strongest bite force? Let's try to guess the strongest animal in this animal quiz.
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There are animals that are characterized by their powerful and large jaws. It's interesting to know the power these animals exert with their incredible bite. The world is full of countless animal species, and each has characteristics that make them unique and special. We will focus on one of the aspects that arouses the most fear and interest in man. The great jaws of the animal kingdom...

Larger animals such as sharks and crocodiles have the advantage of this classification. However, there are also exceptions of animals that are significantly small but have a very strong bite that can seriously injure any human being.

In this animal quiz video, you will guess which animals highest bite force. You will learn their psi force. So can you guess which is the most powerful animal bite in the world? Is the lion stronger or the cougar? Orca jaw is the strongest animal? Which animal bites the strongest? Which animal has the strongest bite force? You'll learn about the strongest jaw and their bite force in the animal kingdom with this animal trivia quiz.

In this Kiddopedia animal quiz video, you will find 15 questions about the strongest bite force animals. Decide which animal you think has the strongest jaw before the time runs out and the correct animal is revealed.

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Answers to the animal trivia wildlife quiz:

00:22 Lion 650 psi
00:49 Macaw 500 psi
01:15 Great White Shark 4000 psi
01:42 Polar Bear 1200 psi
02:06 Saltwater Crocodile 3700 psi
02:31 Snapping Turtle 1000 psi
02:56 Jaguar 1500 psi
03:21 Turkish Kangal Dog 743 psi
03:46 Silverback Gorilla 1300 psi
04:11 Black Piranha 455 psi
04:37 Orca 19000 psi
05:01 Nile Crocodile 5000 psi
05:27 Humboldt Squid 6400 psi
05:51 Komodo Dragon 500 psi
06:16 Gorilla 1300 psi
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