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20 MOST BEAUTIFUL FISH in the World | The Most Beautiful Fishes of The Seas

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20 Most Beautiful fish in the world. This video features 20 beautiful fish in the world. Subscribe to Kiddopedia channel for more educational videos for kids → https://kiddopedia.page.link/sub

The beauty of a fish is subjective and depends on personal opinion, but you will see 20 of the most widely recognized beautiful fish in this video.

There are about 40,000 fish species discovered to date. People always like colorful and eye-catching things. These include colorful fish. Kiddopedia team will bring you the world's most beautiful fish with eye-catching colors in this video.

So, which of these fish do you think is the most beautiful? Let's see the most beautiful fish species in the world.

Our video is prepared in 4K format to give the best learning experience. High-quality fish videos can be watched on a mobile device, as well as on television. Parents who are not native English speakers can benefit from this educational video by assisting their children while learning.

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List of 20 Fishes in this video:
00:09 Surgeonfish
00:17 Clownfish
00:25 Discus Fish
00:33 Rainbow Fish
00:39 Cardinalfish
00:47 Betta Fish
00:55 Tropical Angelfish
01:03 French Angelfish
01:11 Sea Goldie
01:19 Koi Fish
01:28 Goldfish
01:36 Yellow Tang
01:43 Regal Tang
01:51 Lion Fish
01:59 Neon Tetra
02:06 Butterfly Fish
02:14 Flame Angelfish
02:22 Moorish Idol
02:29 Clown Triggerfish
02:37 Mandarin Goby
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