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Anatolian Snapshot | Turkish Comedy Full Movie ( English Subtitles )

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Anatolian Snapshot | Turkish Comedy Full Movie ( English Subtitles )

Subject of the Movie:
Şipşak Anadolu passes in one of the charming settlements of the Black Sea. Our hero Kadir is also a photographer of his dreams. He even goes to take pictures on the remote villages to be able to do his job in his company. He experiences funny situations with everyone he photographs. political atmosphere in Turkey was legal in the course of the nineties town. The subject of the film is the fight between different characters, from the seat-loving mayor to the imam and Kadir's friends. Known as “The Flower Brothers” in the magazine media, Esra and Ceyda Ersoy are in the staff of the brothers, and Şenel Maldı is the comedy producer. The squad is accompanied by names such as Cengiz Küçükayvaz and Levent İnanır. The production company is Remle Yapım.

Director: Şenel Aldı
Cast: Ece Filiz, Ercü Turan, Esra Ersoy
Genre: Comedy
Year: 2014

فيلم تركي كوميدي كامل, أفلام كوميدية, أفلام دراما
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