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Breath (Nefes) | Turkish Action Full Movie (English Subtitles)

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Breath (Nefes) | Turkish Action Full Movie (English Subtitles)

Breath - Thanks to Vatan

Although they are used extensively in the USA and Europe, films with the concept of "war" have been shot almost never in our country. Apart from the special situation of the country, the movie Nefes can be regarded as a first in terms of its handling of the subject. This film tells the story of 40 soldiers under the command of a captain, who are in a commando brigade in a district in the southeast near the Iraqi border and are tasked with guarding the relay station at the 2365 meters high Karabal Hill. They passed through icy waters, climbed the hills and descended from the slopes. They were scorched in the sun, two days and two nights. Guns in their hands. Houses on their backs. With loved ones in their hearts. Most of them did not know what the limit was and where. When they moved from a life where they did not take orders and did not give orders to a life where they did everything by order, they also saw limits. They waited in positions. They waited for a telephone line to talk to their mothers, fathers and lovers from the radio they were protecting. They waited for days and months at Karabal Tepe, not knowing what awaited them. Hakan Tahtalı for Universal's film adaptation of his book Tales from the Southeast and established an outpost on Mount players were selected from students studying in Turkey's different conservatories.

Breath - Vatan Sağolsun Movie Imprint

Director: Levent Semerci
Composer of the soundtrack: Fırat Yükselir
Screenplay: Levent Semerci, M. İlker Altınay
Producers: Levent Semerci, Murat Akdilek
Cast: Yerkan Kahraman, Ali Alper Türkan, Mehmet Erbil, Birce Akalay, Serkan Altıntaş, Soner Caner, Doruk Şengezer, Akan Atakan, Onur Gürsoy, İlker Kızmaz, Mete Horozoğlu

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