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CHICKEN TANTUNI (Turkish Style Chicken Fajita Wraps)

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Here is the recipe of a delicious Turkish fast food named Tantuni. It makes a nice snack or a light lunch if having just one roll, but if you’re hungry, you can go for two :) Subscribe for more videos now! http://bit.ly/nefistv-subscribe-yt-dt

You'll need

500 g of cubed chicken breast
2 tbsp of olive oil
Chilli pepper flakes
Black pepper
Fresh parsley

Here's how

1- Place 500 g of cubed chicken breast in a pan and pour water to cover the chicken. Cook by gently boiling.
2- In a skillet, combine 2 tbsp of olive oil with chilli pepper flakes, black pepper, cumin and salt. Mix while gently heating the oil.
3- Add a small part of the cooked chicken. Saute for a minute with the oil and the spices.
4- Take a flatbread and press onto the chicken to absorb some of the oil.
5- Put some onion, parsley, sumac, salt mixture and cut tomatoes on the bread.
6- Finally add the chicken and roll the bread. Repeat until all the chicken is used up.
7- Enjoy!

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