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EUROPEAN ROBIN Singing Sounds | Learn Birds with Kiddopedia #Shorts

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What does a European Robin sound like? Let's listen to European Robin singing sounds and bird calls. Subscribe to Kiddopedia channel for more animal and bird videos → https://kiddopedia.page.link/sub

In this Kiddopedia Shorts video, you will listen to European Robin sounds. The purpose of this video is to teach you the the European robin bird singing sounds and bird calls. European Robins sing the majority of the year. Their song may sound wonderfully mellow to us, but it is essentially a warning to other Robins to stay well clear. In winter they're one of the very few birds singing. The singing sound of a European Robin consists of a number of high pitched, drawn out notes which quickly descend in pitch, but increase in speed.

The European robin (Erithacus rubecula) is a small songbird found in many parts of Europe. In English, this bird is usually just called a robin, red robin or robin redbreast. In Britain and Ireland, it is the most popular bird.

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