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Learn Turkish with Video - All the Joy of Learning Turkish Begins Right Here!

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Learn Turkish with TurkishClass101.com! Today is an amazingly beautiful day. So what better way to spend the day than taking a stroll with your friends. As you walk along the streets, enjoying the cool breeze and the warm sun, you see a little girl run into the park chasing a puppy. She is obviously consumed by the happiness of this day as she catches the puppy and it licks her face enthusiastically. You turn to your friends laughing and say in Turkish, "That little girl really likes the puppy!" Everyone watches her for a while before moving on to a store window where your friends start pointing and laughing hysterically. You make your way to the window, peering inside to find a statue of a little man dancing wildly...without any pants! Your friends giggle like school kids and say in Turkish, "Look at the funny man dancing without pants!!" As you continue through the town, laughing, relaxing, and enjoying your time with your new friends, you realize none of these happy moments would have been possible today without first learning Turkish! TurkishClass101.com is the most fun and effective way to learn Turkish!

This Turkish Video Vocabulary lesson will teach you how to talk about positive emotions in Turkish. In this Turkish vocabulary video, you will learn Turkish by watching the video, seeing both Turkish and Turkish translations describing the video, and all while listening to the Turkish translations being read aloud by our native Turkish speakers. Visit us at TurkishClass101.com where you will find many more great Turkish lessons and learning materials! Leave us a message while you are there!

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