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Lemmenjoki Travel Video Guide

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Lemmenjoki is one of the most famous rivers in Finland. It rose to fame at the beginning of the twentieth century not because of its natural beauty but due to a spectacular discovery of gold. Since then the magnificent splendour of the vegetation, as well as natural wilderness, have become the real treasures of this fascinating region. Covering a total area of two thousand eight hundred and fifty-five square kilometres, this nature reserve situated in the extreme north of Lapland is the largest national park in Europe.In addition to the almost endless forests, treeless fjaells, rivers and several swampy plateaus add further interest to the unusual scenery.The Lemmenjoki Nature Park was not only created to protect Lapland's animal and plant worlds: it was founded to protect the interests of the Sami people and their age old culture and traditions.Little remains today of the former gold rush that once took place in the Lemmenjoki region. Since that time the true value of this scenery has been fully recognized: pure, unadulterated wilderness!
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