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Luchien walks dangerously close to the edge of a cliff. He looks down. Gabin has a fear of heights and dares not look. He throws a stone into the vacuum and listens to the sound of it hit the bottom. Gabin shows Luchien that the stone is too big and too heavy and will not fly. We then see Luchien wearing a small aviator helmet. He holds a large triangle above his head and runs to the edge of the windy cliff edge. He throws himself off the cliff shouting “YAOUUUUUUUU”. He disappears into the vacuum and we see two small feathers in the wind. The triangle frame remains intact and we see Gabin flapping his wings at full speed, trying to bring Luchien back to safety.
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About the Show:
Luchien and Gabin have a wacky (and at times surreal) adventure. Watch Luchien as he tries to teach himself to fly, or Gabin as he tries to steal Luchien’s dinner! From professional rubber duck fishing, to a Duel over a piece of cake, there are always twists and turns and a surprise at the end.
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