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New Turkish Market & Walk Through Street Bazar & Turkish Family Lunch

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Discover inside the new Turkish Agricultural Coop. Market with me and my old friends, walk through a local street bazaar and join the lunch we had at my mom in my old town where I grew up in Istanbul Bahcelievler.
The Agricultural Credit Cooperatives is the institution of the Ministry of Agriculture Affairs. They have many different types of foods including organic ones. I bought a first harvest tea from there and tried ay my mom's house in the video.
Here is the link for that market:
Back to my mom, I pass through a local market where we buy our food for more than 35 years.
We are having lunch with this traditional Turkish menu:
Turkish white beans stew:
Turkish Pilaf With Orzo:
Pickle juice and apricot compound
Watch teatime menu vlog I prepared at my mom's house:
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