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OCEANIA Countries and Capitals - Learn Capital Cities and Countries of Oceania with Flags

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Let's learn the countries and capitals of Oceania. Here is an educational video to learn the capital cities and countries of Oceania with flags and pronunciation. Subscribe to Kiddopedia channel for more educational videos → https://kiddopedia.page.link/sub

Learning the capital cities of countries is an important part of general education. The new video of our world capitals series covers the Oceania capital cities. We bring you 14 states and capitals of Oceania. We present each country and its capital together with a high-quality photo from the capital city, the pronunciation of the capital city's name and the flag of the country. We believe that this is an excellent way to learn the capitals of Oceania continent.

This video is ideal for English learners, children at kindergarten or school, and for adults who are interested in Oceania geography. If you are a passionate traveler, you can count how many of the Oceania capitals you have already visited.

List of Oceania Countries and Capitals:
Australia : Canberra
Fiji : Suva
Kiribati : Tarawa
Marshall Islands : Majuro
Micronesia : Palikir
Nauru : Yaren District (de facto)
New Zealand : Wellington
Palau : Ngerulmud
Papua New Guinea : Port Moresby
Samoa : Apia
Solomon Islands : Honiara
Tonga : Nukuʻalofa
Tuvalu : Funafuti
Vanuatu : Port Vila

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