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AFRICAN CAPITALS - Learn Countries and Capital Cities of Africa with Flags

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Let's learn the African capitals. Here is an educational video to learn countries and capital cities of Africa with flags and pronunciation. Subscribe to Kiddopedia channel for more educational videos → https://kiddopedia.page.link/sub

Learning the capital cities of countries is an important part of general education. The new video of our world capitals series start covers the African cities. We bring you 54 states and capitals of Africa. We present each country and its capital together with a high-quality photo from the capital city, the pronunciation of the capital city's name and the flag of the country. We believe that this is an excellent way to learn the capitals of Africa.

This video is ideal for English learners, children at kindergarten or school, and for adults who are interested in African geography. If you are a passionate traveler, you can count how many of the African capitals you have already visited.

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List of African Countries and Capitals:
Nigeria : Abuja
Ethiopia : Addis Ababa
Egypt : Cairo
Democratic Republic of the Congo : Kinshasa
South Africa : Pretoria (administrative)
South Africa : Cape Town (legislative) 
South Africa : Bloemfontein (judicial)
Tanzania : Dodoma
Kenya : Nairobi
Uganda : Kampala
Algeria : Algiers
Sudan : Khartoum
Morocco : Rabat
Angola : Luanda
Ghana : Accra
Mozambique : Maputo
Madagascar : Antananarivo
Cameroon : Yaounde
Cote d'Ivoire : Yamoussoukro
Niger : Niamey
Burkina Faso : Ouagadougou
Mali : Bamako
Malawi : Lilongwe
Zambia : Lusaka
Senegal : Dakar
Chad : N'Djamena
Somalia : Mogadishu
Zimbabwe : Harare
Guinea : Conakry
Rwanda : Kigali
Benin : Porto-Novo
Tunisia : Tunis
Burundi : Bujumbura
South Sudan : Juba
Togo : Lomé
Sierra Leone : Freetown
Libya : Tripoli
Republic of the Congo : Brazzaville
Liberia : Monrovia
Central African Republic : Bangui
Mauritania : Nouakchott
Eritrea : Asmara
Namibia : Windhoek
Gambia : Banjul
Botswana : Gaborone
Gabon : Libreville
Lesotho : Maseru
Guinea-Bissau : Bissau
Equatorial Guinea : Malabo (de jure), 
Mauritius : Port Louis
Eswatini  : Mbabane (administrative), 
Djibouti : Djibouti (city)
Comoros : moroni
Cabo Verde : Praia
Seychelles : Victoria
Sao Tome and Principe : São Tomé

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