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Racial Equity in America | Inside America with Ghida Fakhry

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The White House says it is committed to working with Congress to pass bold legislation that advances racial equity. But activists say they want to see more action than words from the Biden administration.
President Joe Biden has directed his administration to tackle racism, inequality and discrimination in what the White House is calling: the racial equity agenda.
Biden signed four executive orders seeking to redress racially discriminatory federal housing policies that have fueled wealth inequality; to end the Department of Justice’s use of private prisons; to respect the sovereignty of Native American tribes and combat violence and #xenophobia against Asian Americans and Pacific islanders.
So, will Biden succeed where other presidents failed in closing the racial equity gaps?

Danny Davis
US Representative from Illinois (D)

Kimberly Jones
Author of "I'm Not Dying with You Tonight"

Henry Cisneros
Former US Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

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