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Siwa, An Egyptian Oasis

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Siwa is one of Egypt's most isolated towns. Siwa is near the Qattara depression which is 436 feet below sea level. A large lake bubbles up from the ground but the water becomes salty because of evaporation. Fresh water is pumped from wells to irrigate date palms,olive trees and vegetables gardens. History here goes back to the 10thmillenium BC. Siwa was visited by Alexander the Great and Cleopatra. What makes Siwa unique are the deteriorating mud-brick buildings and the local Berbers. Ruth and I hired a taxi for 4 days to drive the 1,000 mile round trip. We considered taking a bus, but were glad we didn't when we were visiting with a Bedouin out in the desert and the bus came by. It broke down twice, and took about an hour to recede from our view. Siwa was well worth the trip. We were the only tourists in town and the only guests at the hotel. The hotel price included breakfast, but since we were the only guests ,the cook did not show up. Each morning the manager picked us up in a donkey cart and took us to a near by restaurant and ought us breakfast. This is one trip Ruth and I will never forget.

Music by Javier Anibarro Z.
Song 1 = 'Brillo Nocturno'
Song 2 = 'Walking in the Desert'
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