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Spring Trees

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It’s no joke, being around trees lowers your blood pressure.
This is just one of the many benefits trees provide.
The Missouri Department of Conservation wants to help you to discover nature and learn more about how trees work for Missouri and you.
No matter where Missourian’s live, trees and forests are valuable to their health, wealth and happiness.
Trees work for us in amazing ways.
From reducing our stress levels when we are around trees, to helping clean our water, to providing jobs in Missouri with the forest products industry.
Celebrate trees this Arbor day by planting one.
Or take time to appreciate their beauty as the Show-Me-state’s native trees begin to fill the woods with color.
Even before a hint of green hits the landscape, the Show-Me-state’s native trees—such as witch hazel, service berry, dogwood and redbud—brighten the landscape.
The best time to view this springtime color parade is during the last two weeks of April.
But you can view flowering trees any time from now through June.
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