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Recycle Christmas Trees - Discover Nature (KRCG)

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After your Christmas gifts are opened and it’s time to take down the tree, give one more gift to nature by recycling your live Christmas tree.
The Missouri Department of Conservation reminds you that live Christmas trees make great gifts for fish as habitat in ponds and lakes and wonderful winter homes for birds and small animals.
Be sure to remove all ornaments, lights and tinsel so they don’t hurt wildlife.
People like furniture in their house.
Fish are similar, they like cover in the water.
It is a place for them to rest.
It’s a place for them to find food.
It’s a place for them to get out of the bright sunlight and hide in the shade.
It’s just like their furniture.
It’s easy to turn your live tree into fish habitat by anchoring it with a concrete block and sinking it into a pond.
Several tied together work even better.
Don’t have a pond.
You can place the tree in the backyard to offer cover for wildlife or under bird feeders to provide nesting locations in the branches.
Decorate it with strings of popcorn, orange slices, or other treats for our feathered friends.
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