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Runge Nature Center - Discover Nature (KRCG)

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The Missouri Department of Conservation wants to help you get outside and cool off inside as you explore and discover nature at Runge Conservation Nature Center.

Since 1993, people have visited this urban oasis, located in Jefferson City.

A stop at Runge brings the visitor upclose to the natural wonders of Missouri and the forests, fish and wildlife found throughout the state.

Nature is very exciting.
Every season holds something different. Every time of the day holds something different.
And there is something for everyone to enjoy at Runge Nature Center.

Inside there is an auditorium, an indoor wildlife viewing area, a nature library and a small gift shop.

There is also more than three thousand square feet of exhibits to explore.

Outside, Runge hosts five different hiking trails that wind through prairie, wetland and forest habitat.

Come to Runge to relax, connect with nature and to meet new friends.

Discover nature this summer at Runge.
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