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Frogs - Discover Nature (KRCG)

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The Missouri Department of Conservation wants to help you to discover nature and listen to the spring time call of frogs.

You may look for a robin as a sign of spring, but the voices of frogs signal warmer days.

Springtime is when you start hearing frogs because they've woken up from hibernation, and they find the breeding ponds and they want to mate and be successful.
So the males get to those breeding ponds and start to call out trying to attract females.

Southern leopard frogs call is a series of abrupt, chuckle like "quacking" sounds.

The mating call of the inch-long northern cricket frog sounds like pebbles being clicked together.

If you hear a loud, deep call coming from the edge of a pond, you are probably hearing a bullfrog.

Many other frogs sound off in spring, and their chorus is a natural part of the outdoors.
To listen to this symphony, head outside before sunset on a warm spring evening.
Who knows what you'll discover.
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