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Flowering Trees - Discover Nature (KRCG)

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The Missouri Department of Conservation wants to help you to discover nature and learn more about Missouri's beautiful flowering trees.

Even before a hint of green hits the landscape, the Show-Me state's native trees fill the woods with color.

Witch-hazel's yellow, ribbon-like flowers are the first to show color, but it's the serviceberry that announces spring is here.

Serviceberry is the first that people will notice, because of the big mass of white flowers. It's a very visibly flowering tree and very pretty.

Next, look for the eye-popping masses of the pink flowering redbud, which usually peaks during April, with blooms lasting till early May.
The flowers are edible and can be eaten in salads!

Finally, the flowering dogwood bursts onto the forest scene.
A popular landscaping tree, the dogwood's great white blooms also dominate the edges of forests.

Watch for displays of witch-hazel, serviceberry, redbud and flowering dogwood as spring unfolds in the woodlands.

For more information about Missouri's flowering trees visit MissouriConservation.org.
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