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Surfing XXL Waves in Nazaré

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Once again, the big wave surf break, Nazaré, showed us her true colors in spectacular fashion after a recent XXL swell swept through the coast. Chargers among the likes of Ross Clarke-Jones, Hugo Vau, Sebastien Steudtner and Garrett McNamara were able to push their limits like never before with some of the most impressive surf the spot has ever produced.
The results were a spectacular mixed bag of the divine and the dangerous. Regardless of their Hall Of Fame credentials the surfers all logged some of the biggest waves and biggest beatings of their lives. A jetski was ripped from McNamara's hands in 20ft of whitewater. Cotty fell from the sky on consecutive waves, and RCJ proved that once you've got it, you can never lose it. Check out some of the best moments from their epic session.
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