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Who is JOB 4.0 - Puddle Surfing - Ep 5

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CLICK to watch Poopies mud wrestle:
OB and Co. redefine rainy days with puddle surfing, river running and shorepound madness. For normal folks on rainy days, you got a few options. Boardgames. Some light to heavy reading. House chores. Binge watching both seasons of House of Cards. Yoga.

You keep it pretty quiet, right? They are days of reflection, calm and catch-up duties. Not in Jamie's house, baby. As witnessed in Episode 5, rainy days for JOB's clique can only mean three things: puddle surfing, river ripping and Waimea shorepound packing.

Pud..ddle..what? Yes, you heard right: puddle surfing. You know, where you and a few friends find a side of the highway mud puddle, set up the winch and get towed into a puddle on a soft-top while your other friend comes at you from the side at 50mph to shack you. Spoiler alert: Poopies gets thrashed and drinks a hightop full 'o thick brown. Just North Shore boys having fun, is all.

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