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TEDx Jamaica -- Gordon Gill: The Language of Performance

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Gordon Gill is one of the world's preeminent exponents of performance-based architecture. His work, which ranges from the world's largest buildings to sustainable communities, is driven by his philosophy that there is a language of performance: a purposeful relationship between formal design and energy/carbon performance. A founding partner of award-winning Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, Gordon's work includes the design of the world's first net zero-energy skyscraper, the Pearl River Tower (designed at SOM Chicago), and the world's first large-scale positive energy building, Masdar Headquarters in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi.

In this inspiring and illuminating TEDx Jamaica Talk, Gordon expounds on the concept of performance based architecture, purposeful design and sustainable communities with awesome examples of skyscrapers built, or being built, in adherence to this groundbreaking and positive framework.
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