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Poor waste management, and in some instances, the absence of any waste management, results in the destruction of coastal, marine, and freshwater ecosystems. The wholesale burning of garbage leads to soil erosion which causes nutrient rich soil to flow freely into the river. This ultimately reaches the ocean causing permanent damage to the coral reef. There is an ever increasing accumulation of recyclable materials such as plastic and glass bottles and containers that end up floating in the ocean, resting on the ocean floor, and laying atop coral.

The main goals of this project are to prevent the destruction, and promote the restoration, of Negril's coral reef creating sustainable education programs and waste management practices throughout the implementation of a consistent system of recycling. This will in turn protect the coastal, marine, and freshwater ecosystems, boost tourism, and thus contribute positively to the economy. It also supports to increase the biodiversity in Negril's coral reef by increasing community awareness through environmental education and tours and developing a recycling programme that will divert thousand of pounds of materials from the ocean floor.
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