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Turkish Wrapped Kofta Kebab BEYTİ - Great For Ramadan & Any Feast


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Beyti Kebab is a kofta dough wrapped in yufka or thin lavash bread served with tomato sauce. It is easy delicious and has a beautiful presentation. Traditionally in restaurants it is shish kebab inside wrapped with lavash bread. But as a home version we really like this way too.
Great for feast menu in Ramadan or any time for your guests or family.
For Making Beyti Kebab You Will Need:
For The Kofta:
about 400gr. medium fat ground meat (Half lamb half beef is recommended but only beef is O.K. too)
1/4 bunch of parsley
1 big onion
1 big or 2 small red sweet capia pepper
1/2 tsp each salt, ground black pepper, cumin and ground sweet red pepper (you may change the amount and or skip or add anr seasoning as you wish)
optional: 2 tbsp thin bulgur wheat or 1 slice of old bread soaked in water and squeezed out
For the wrapping:
2 yufka or about 6-8 thick (#10) phyllo sheets (use 2 piece to make one layer) or you may use thin wrapping bread or lavash bread.( If you have any suggestion for it on where you live please share it on comments )
To dampen the yufka of phyllo sheets half cup or more water and olive oil mixture. If you use thick wrapping wet it generously. If you use thinner phyllo sheets use more oil and less water since you don't need to dampen that much.
For The Tomato Sauce:
3-4 medium ripen tomatoes
1-2 cloves of garlic
3-4 tbsp olive oil
pinch of salt
1 tsp tomato paste
about half cup or more hot water for consistency
To serve chopped parsley leaves
To make the kofta in a food processor finely chop onions and parsley leaves. Don't process to fine.
Add ground meat, bulgur or bread if you are using, capia pepper and spices and process until you have a mixed well kofta dough. While processing pulse the machine rather than continuously giving power.
Spread yufka or phyllo sheet and dampen with olive oil water mixture.
To a long side place half of the kofta dough filling, spread evenly and press slightly.
Roll the yufka and wrap it tightly to make a long log.
Cut it in half and transfer to a cutting board and cut in about 3 cm thick slices.
Place the kebab pieces to graced baking tray and do the same step with other kofta dough and yufka bread.
Brush the top with oil-water mixture left or make little more :) and cook in preheated 200C degree oven until golden brown and kofta is cooked inside nicely .
Meanwhile make the tomato sauce. Puree the tomatoes and garlic in the same food processor and cook in a olive oil about 4 minutes until it changes color and cooked thoroughly.
Add tomato paste stir 1 minute and add water and salt to make a some what thick sauce and cook 5 more minutes.
After the beyti kebab is cooked transfer hot from the oven to serving plate. spread the tomato sauce and sprinkle with parsley leaves and serve hot
FOR USING PHYLLO SHEETS: Use #10 if you can and use 2-3 sheets together. Use less water to dampen.
FOUR USING WRAP BREADS OR LAVASH: Use same amount water oil mix to wet it.
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