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Yehliu Travel Video Guide

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In the north of Taiwan close to the second largest harbour in Keelung is one of the world's greatest natural wonders. Due to its bizarre rock formations, Yehliu Park provides visitors with scenery that could be from a distant planet. But the polymorphic shapes of the rock are not extraterrestrial but the result of an ancient process that dates back several million years, erosion.Some of the rocks seem to grow out of the ground like giant mushrooms. The reason for this lies in the composition of the rock strata. The more elevated sections are often far harder and weatherproof than the lower layers that crumble away and have been transformed into gravel and sand.In 1964 the Yehliu Peninsula was officially designated as a park and since then it has been one of Taiwan's most important and popular tourist attractions. The park consists of a total area of around fifty three hectares of land and more than four hundred hectares of coast. Its rocky terrain flanks the South China Sea.The Queen's Head is Yehliu's world famous landmark. But even this amazing natural work of art shows sign of ageing. However, Yehliu will still be known as an outstanding wonder of nature, as wind, salt and water continue to sculpt its scenery and thus create further spectacular and imaginative rock formations for future generations to come.
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