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ALMC 2015: Belt and Road is Centre Stage

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The record number of visitors to the Asian Logistics and Maritime Conference 2015 sees many taking part in the first plenary session covering China’s Belt and Road Initiative. Panel speaker George Yeo, Chairman of Kerry Logistics, says trade between China and ASEAN is expected to reach US$1 trillion by 2020, due to the trade partnership. Separately, HKTDC Deputy Executive Director Raymond Yip says the conference is relevant for networking and finding business opportunities related to the Belt and Road.
Raymond Yip, Deputy Executive Director, HKTDC
George Yeo, Chairman, Kerry Logistics
Eric Ip, Group Managing Director, Hutchison Port Holdings
Frank Lavin, Founder, Export Now
Ruth Snowden, Executive Director, Canadian International
Freight Forwarders Association
Tino Klem, Deputy Managing Director, Finance and Real Estate,
Hamburg Port Authority
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