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Boogie Down at the Bronx Zoo: Melle Mel | Bronx Zoo

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Legendary hip hop pioneer and the first artist to use the term MC, Melle Mel is the lyricist and vocalist behind classics such as "The Message" and "White Lines" - and has now co-authored an anthem for the Bronx Zoo! Catch his special appearances this spring at Boogie Down at the Bronx Zoo - a celebration of Bronx culture at the Bronx Zoo on April 21 and 22 and weekends May 5 - June 3 (including Memorial Day).
For over 120 years, the Bronx has been the birthplace of genre changing movements. From street art to hip hop, breakdancing to salsa. And of course, the home base for WCS conservation and wildlife at the Bronx Zoo. With appearances by Grandmasters Melle Mel and Scorpio, Sugar Hill Gang and others; rhyming workshops by Grandmaster Caz; live painting by John Crash Matos, Tats Cru, Andre Trenier and others! Buy tickets at bronx zoo.com/boogiedown
Special Thanks to Windows of Hip Hop
Photo Credits: Janette Beckman
Archival Footage: Reelin' in the Years Productions
Post Production: Cutters Studios
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