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Hangout with Puffins at the Bronx Zoo

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Best known for their iconic beaks, Tufted Puffins can be found up and down the northern Pacific Coast from Alaska to California... and in the Bronx Zoo. These colorful birds have special adaptations that allow them to hold their breath for up to a minute while diving, to fly up to 55 mph, and to carry multiple fish at a time-- one record-breaking puffin was seen carrying 62 fish in its beak!
*Meet our expert -*
*Tim Mohl, Senior Keeper, WCS Bronx Zoo*
Tim started working at the Bronx Zoo as a teen intern in 1997. During the summer, he worked in the Children's Zoo and Education Department, while earning his Animal Science/Education degrees. He has been in the Bird Department for the past 13 years, and also received his Masters in Biology.  Tim is currently a senior keeper at the World of Birds in charge of diets for the department.  
Join us to learn more about these birds and threats they face in the wild, such as climate change, over-fishing and over-hunting. You can ask us questions about puffins via the Q&A app or by using the hashtag #WCSPuffinsHoA. We hope you can tune-in.
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