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Hangout with Grizzly Bears at the Central Park Zoo, Take 2

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Betty and Veronica, Central Park Zoo’s newest residents, are grizzly bears with storied pasts. Originally born in the wild in Montana and Wyoming, both bears followed their mothers in search of food in areas where people live and work. The bears became too accustomed to humans, and local authorities considered them a danger to people. So, Betty and Veronica were rescued in 1995 and lived at the Bronx Zoo for nearly two decades before moving to their new home in Manhattan earlier this year. 
*Meet the expert -*
*Kelly Boghossian, Senior Wild Animal Keeper, Polar Zone, WCS Central Park Zoo*
As the senior keeper for the Polar Zone at Central Park Zoo, Kelly manages care of all bears, harbor seals, penguins, sea lions, waterfowl and more at the zoo. She started in May 2013 as a keeper and was soon promoted to a senior keeper in early 2014. Prior to the Central Park Zoo, Kelly worked as a vet tech manager at a veterinary hospital and at Turtle Back Zoo in New Jersey. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Anthropology from Rutgers University.
Join us for a Google+ Hangout to meet these bears up close and learn more about how we are finding solutions to human-wildlife conflict while also saving wildlife and wild places around the world. Ask your questions via the Q&A app or by using the hashtag #WCSGrizzlyBearsHoA . Hope you can tune in!
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