Oldest Turkish Restaurant In Turkey & Rolled Turkish Delights With Cream


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One of the oldest Turkish restaurants in Afyon City in Turkey. "Aşçı Bacaksız" (Ashchi bacaksiz) serves only one dish lamb kabab and a special dessert "kaymaklı ekmek kadayıfı" Turkish Bread Pudding cooked in syrup and topped with Turkish clotted cream kaymak.
The restaurant first was founded in 1860s. It was moved in it's second place in 1938 where it is now. It has only 6 tables. As the owners son Kadir said if I remember it right, 4 was from the first dates and they added two more after. They serve only one dish Lamb Kabab "Afyon Kebabı" and Turkish Bread Pudding With Clotted Cream "Kaymaklı Ekmek Kadayıfı"
Here is the map link to the restaurant. You can walk around the streets from the map: #
The second place I bought Turkish delights with cream "Afyon Kaymaklı Lokum" is Oztaylan Yayla Şekerlemecisi. Here is their Facebook page:
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