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Biden's 100 Days | Inside America with Ghida Fakhry

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As presidential candidate, Joe Biden had made lofty promises. On day one of his presidency, he signed 17 executive orders relating to the pandemic, climate change, racial justice, immigration and more. In his first 100 days, Biden signed more executive orders than any other US President: 60, including 23 directly rescinding Trump’s policies.

Latest polls show Biden’s approval rating at 52%. That is the third-lowest approval rating of any American President since 1945: Gerald Ford had a 48% approval rating in 1974 after his pardon of Richard Nixon, and Donald Trump had a 42% approval rating at the same stage in his presidency in 2017.

Where Biden has impressed the American public is his handling of the Coronavirus pandemic, with a 69% approval rating. However, his handling of other major domestic issues like border security and immigration, received only 33 percent approval. On gun issues, 34 percent of Americans approved of his performance. For his dealing with China, President Biden garnered 35 percent approval.


Donna Shalala
Former Secretary of Health and Human Services

Joe Grogan
Former Director of the Domestic Policy Council

Joseph Nye
Former Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs

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