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Biden's Balancing Act | Inside America with Ghida Fakhry

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As Joe Biden continues to announce his senior cabinet appointments, leaders of the Democratic Party’s left wing, known as the Progressives, are at risk of being excluded from the incoming administration. After unifying the party and pushing their supporters to vote for Biden in the election, Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren were expected to get key cabinet positions. Earlier this month, Senator Sanders signaled his desire to serve as Biden’s Labor Secretary, while Senator Warren was reportedly interested in becoming Treasury Secretary.
So, as the President-elect weighs the demands of his party’s progressive base against the challenges of having to govern without a Senate majority, would Biden be committing a fundamental mistake by overlooking progressives?

Chuck Rocha
Former Senior Advisor to Bernie Sanders' 2020 Presidential Campaign

Jim Kessler
Former Aide to Senator Chuck Schumer

Stephen Moore
Senior Economic Advisor to Donald Trump 2016 Presidential Campaign

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