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Necropolis Of the Ming Dynasty Travel Video Guide

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Necropolis of the Ming Dynasty A dignified pavilion rises behind the main entrance of the magnificent Ming Necropolis, which is located 50km north west of Beijing. Seven kilometres long, the holy avenue of the Ming Necropolis is lined with numerous beautiful stone figures.Ding Ling, the mausoleum of the 13th Ming Emperor, Wanli, is one of three restored grave sites where elegant stairs, decorated with beautiful stone masonry, lead up to the terrestrial section of the mausoleum. According to ancient Chinese tradition, an earthly section had to be built for the soul of the dead, in which the soul would be comforted. For this reason, the magnificent buildings and great halls were designed in the style of the emperor's palace. The expenditure for the royal funerals was without limit and it took almost six years and around 30,000 workers to build the grave complex for Emperor Wanli. Chang Ling is the largest mausoleum of the Necropolis and was built for Emperor Yongle who reigned during the beginning of the 15th century. But this extremely well restored grave site has a darker side to it: together with the Emperor, it is believed that sixteen living concubines were buried in this grave.
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