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Relief in the Pipeline | Inside America with Ghida Fakhry

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Just one month into his presidency, Joe Biden is rallying Congress and the American people behind a $1.9 trillion pandemic rescue package, as Democrats squabble over the details. Senator Bernie Sanders, who chairs the Senate Budget Committee, says it is ‘morally imperative’ to keep a $15 minimum wage in the package. But with the Senate split evenly between Republicans and Democrats, will the Democratic Party unite behind him?

And, power outages across the southern United States expose the failures of an aging infrastructure system, as the debate over fossil fuels and renewable energy heats up. Environmentalists are calling this a wake up call for America’s reliance on fossil fuel, but oil and gas pipelines continue to snake across the country.

Stephanie Kelton- Former senior economic adviser to Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaigns, professor of economics & public policy at Stony Brook University and author of The Deficit Myth.

Steven Chu- Former US Secretary of Energy, Nobel laureate & professor of physics at Stanford University

Winona LaDuke- Anishinaabe environmental and indiginous rights activist & executive director of Honor the Earth

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US Gas Pipeline, Fossil Fuels, Renewable Energy
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