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How To Make Turkish Ashura (Noah's Pudding)

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Ashura "Aşure" is an authentic Turkish dessert that is believed that it is first made by Prophet Noah to gather all of the remaining foodstuffs to make this sweet pudding when he and his family left the ark. Ashura is a healthy dessert filled with beans, dried fruits, whole grain wheat sweetened with sugar and spices and cooked in one pot. It is customary to share it with others.
Ingredients For Ashura:
1+1/2 cups whole grain wheat (Aşurelik Buğday)
3 tbsp rice
1/2 cup each uncooked white beans and chickpeas (If you use canned use more than 1 cup and add it in the last 10 minutes of cooking)
1 cup each dried apricots, figs (cut in cubes) and raisins
About 2-3 cups sugar (as much as you desire)
About 6 liters hot water (Will be used as much as needed for the consistency)
Flavoring options:
3-4 cloves boiled in half cup water
1 cinnamon stick
orange rinds
rose water
You can also add: apples, quince (peeled and cut in cubes), cooked Chesnut pieces, whole peeled almonds, and hazelnuts
To decorate:
Hazelnuts, walnuts, pinenuts, unsweetened coconut flakes, ground cinnamon, sliced dried figs and apricots, pomegranates, pistachio nuts..
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