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Morel Mushrooms - Discover Nature (KRCG)

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The Missouri Department of Conservation wants to help you discover nature and take part in a different type of spring hunt...morel mushroom hunting.

Morels are treasured both for their delectable flavor and for the fun of the hunt.
They are delicious to eat, easy to identify and can be found in every Missouri county.
Morels have a short growing season in the spring.
Morel mushrooms are often out starting in Mid-April and the season lasts until mid-May depending on the weather and where you are in the state.

Where to look for morels is the eternal question.
Conventional wisdom is to look around alive or dead elm, ash or apple trees.
Many conservation areas allow the collecting of mushrooms, but regulations vary.
So check before you collect.
Also, Missouri has many varieties of edible and non-edible mushrooms.
If you are not 100 percent positive of the ID, don't eat it.

No fancy equipment needed for this hunt.
Just grab a bag and head into the woods to see if you can find what nature has in store for you.
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