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Urban Trout Fishing - Discover Nature (KRCG)

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With longer nights and colder weather, it’s easy to get house bound.
However, the Missouri Department of Conservation encourages you to get outdoors and discover nature through winter trout fishing.
The MDC stocks rainbow trout, a cold-water fish that lives in water temperatures less than 70 degrees, in three mid-Missouri urban lakes, when the water is cold enough to support it.
Mckay Park lake in Jefferson City, Cosmo-Bethel lake in Columbia, and Kiwanis lake in Mexico are annually stocked in the fall with rainbow trout.
From November 1 through January 31, its catch and release and only artificial bait can be used during this period.
Beginning February 1, anglers may use any legal bait and can harvest up to four trout per day.
If between 16 and 64, you will need a fishing permit and any angler harvesting trout will need a trout permit.
Stocking trout in city lakes offers anglers a unique fishing opportunity and provides good fishing at a time when there is less to do outdoors.
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