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How To Make Yogurt At Home & 6 Turkish Recipes With Yogurt By Aysenur Altan

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I am showing you how to make yogurt at home without a yogurt maker. With small hints, it is very easy to make natural healthy yogurt. All you need is a good quality fresh or pasteurized milk and a yogurt culture which is yogurt with live culture in it. You might think it is odd to make yogurt with yogurt but you only need to find from your neighbor or store ones than you can use the one you are going to make again and again. It is like a sour bread starter it gets better when it is older.
Ingredients for making yogurt:
3-liter fresh farm milk or store-bought is also can be used if you can't find
2+1/2 tbsp yogurt with active culture in it
big table cloth or blanket to cover your yogurt
Here are the links to the recipes using homemade yogurt
Green Lentils Pasta With Yogurt Dressing:
Carrot & Zucchini Salad With Yogurt:
Turkish Cold Yogurt Soup:
Lebeniyeh Soup (With chickpeas, meatballs and yogurt):
Sour Pilaf With Fresh Greens & Yoghurt:
Ali Nazik Eggplant Kebab:
Watch How To Make Clotted Cream (Kaymak):

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