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Turkish traditional wedding dish Keshkek. We are going to Didim in Aydın City, Egean region of Turkey to make this famous dish Keshkek, with a local lady, one of my followers Birgul. Basically, it is made from cracked wheat and meat. The trick is in the way of making it. It is a good example of how a simple dish can be delicious with only a few ingredients. The dish is made specially at weddings. It is not a wedding if we don't have keshkek at our wedding as Birgul coats.
Ingredients to make Keshkek
3 cups cracked wheat (yarma buğday)
500 gr. beef (breferable from the thigh or soft meat without fat) You can also use meat with bone
about 2+1/2 liter hot water
To fry the meat 2 tbsp butter
For the sauce:
4 tbsp butter
hot or sweet red pepper flakes if you prefer
Here is Gozleme recipe video, with the local lady Youtuber Aunt Sadiye in KastamonuÇ
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