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One of the best street foods of Turkey is Gozleme. It is kind of meat pie with minced meat, potato or cheese filled flat bread cooked on pan like sac tawa. Kastamonu is very famous by it's minced meat gozleme called "etli ekmek" . I went to a village in Taskoprü region in Kastamonu and meet with Sadiye Teyze. She is famous with it's traditional cooking videos in Turkish and village life videos on their youtube channel filmed by his son Erkan Davulcu.
I had a great time with them learning so much from her and had fun cooking gozleme together. I am very happy to share this traditional street food gozleme recipe with you. I hope you will enjoy watching and try the recipe. Please share your comments if you experienced eating gozleme in Turkey or somewhere else before...
Ingredients For Gozleme "Etli Ekmek"
For the filling:
1 kg. minced meat
1 big onion
about 2 cups lukewarm water
about 1 tbsp salt
ground black pepper and red pepper flakes to taste
For the dough:
2 cups water
half cup lukewarm milk
1+1/2 tsp salt
about 1 kg or less flour
More flour to sprinkle while rolling the dough
A rolling pin, preferably thick
Sac tawa or big pan to cook
Vegetable oil to cook
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