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Turtle Crossing - Discover Nature (KRCG)

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The tortoise wins the race with the hare, but in contests with cars, turtles always lose.

The Missouri Department of Conservation encourages you to discover nature and observe turtles on the road.

When driving, you may have noticed box turtles sharing the pavement.
Spring rains and warm weather make this the season box turtles wander.

Turtles are moving around, looking for mates and establishing home ranges.
Like other reptiles, turtles are cold-blooded.
Walking onto warm asphalt and basking in the morning sun feels good on cool spring days.

Box turtles commonly live to be 30 years old.
They spend their quiet lives eating plants, earthworms and insects.

A hinged lower shell allows these reptiles to completely encase their head and legs, protecting themselves from most natural enemies.

But autos needlessly kill thousands of turtles each ear, probably the biggest cause of death.

Give turtles a break!
When out driving, be alert to avoid hitting these innocent travelers.
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