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Easy Green Lentils Pasta Salad With Yogurt Dressing

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Hello And Merhaba from Istanbul! In this episode, I have a healthy and easy green lentil and pasta recipe with diced carrots, corns, pickles and yogurt sauce dressing it is a delicious salad. It is also great for summer and a light lunch or with afternoon tea along with a Turkish poacha or borek. If you want to make this salad a high protein meal just simply omit the pasta and add more cooked lentils. I am sure with all the vegetables and yogurt sauce it will be very delicious that way too.
Ingredients for Lentil And Pasta Salad:
1 cup green lentils (cooked until almost soft)
250 gr. ditalini pasta (cooked)
2 carrots (peeled, diced in pasta size and cooked)
5-6 pickled cucumbers (diced in the same size)
about 1/2 cup corn (I used about one corn on the cob)
a handful of fresh parsley and mint (optional)
1 tsp each dried mint and hot red pepper flakes (hot pepper is optional )
salt to taste
1+1/2 cups or more plain thick yogurt
about 4-5 tbsp or more if you desire mayonnaise
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