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Best CHICKEN SALAD (with yogurt&mayo dressing)

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This chicken salad recipe is simply the best with the perfect blend of flavors and a wonderfully creamy texture. It is also a great way to turn last night's leftover chicken into today's lunch. Subscribe for more videos now! http://bit.ly/nefistv-subscribe-yt-dt


1/2 iceberg lettuce
5 tbsp of plain natural yogurt
3 tbsp of strained yogurt
1 chicken breast
1 cup of pickled gherkins
1 cup of canned sweet corn
1 tbsp of mayonnaise


1- In a large bowl, combine half, cut iceberg lettuce with 5 tbsp of plain natural yogurt, 3 tbsp of strained yogurt, 1 cooked and cubed chicken breast, 1 cup of cut pickled gherkins, 1 cup of canned sweet corn, 1 tbsp of mayonnaise and salt.
2- Mix thoroughly.
3- Chicken salad is ready to serve.
4- Enjoy!

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