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Baklava Phyllo Borek Recipe - Turkish Homemade Cheese Pie


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In this video,we'll show you an easy turkish borek recipe from baklava phyllo with feta cheese and sparkling water.It is a very quick appetizer.You can serve it with a cup of Ayran or Turkish tea to your guests!
First of all,start the cheese Pie recipe with making a sauce for borek.Scramble the eggs until bubbles form at the top.Add yogurt and vegetable oil.Combine with sparkling water.The sauce is ready.Place 2 sheets of phyllo and brush with the sauce.Place one more sheet of phyllo and brush with the sauce againPlace the fifth sheet of phyllo and brush it with the sauce.Spread some feta cheese on the fifth sheet and roll it up.Place on a greased baking sheet.Make a mixture from egg and yogurt for brushing the top of borek.Spread the mixture evenly on them.Cut them into slices.Sprinkle with sesame or nigella seeds.Bake at 200C(390F) for 25-30 mins .It's ready to serve,enjoy!
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Ingredients for Cheese Borek
500g phyllo dough sheets
2 eggs
350-400g feta cheese
4 tbp yogurt(1 tbp is for topping)
1/2 cup vegetable oil
1/2 cup sparkling mineral water
Sesame or (black)nigalle seeds

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