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Crispy Walnut Cinnamon Cookies Recipe - Easy Turkish Cookies

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In this video we are going to show you a super easy cookie recipe.We have many cookie recipes,each is fun and delicious to make.And this one is one of the easiest recipes of Easy Turkish Recipes Channel.These cinnamon walnut cookies melt in your mouth!After you watch our detailed preparation video you will want to try it as soon as possible.It can be a great snack for your children also you can serve it to your guests with a cool drink or a cup of Turkish tea!
The preparation of the dough is shown step by step in the video.If you haven't made cookie,let us give you a small tip.If you want to make your cookies crispy,use starch and If you want to make softer cookies,use more flour.And for decoration we have prefered to use walnuts ,walnuts add a crispy crunch to the cookies ,you can also use nuts instead of walnuts .We have used cinnamon in this recipe.The flavor of cinnamon is so great, it makes your cookies smell better and more delicious You can create your own recipe according to your personal tastes.After you make the dough and shape it,make sure you don't place them crowded ,make sure you adjust the space between them because the butter will cause melting and spreading.Let's take a look at the recipe.
First of all,put the butter and vegetable oil into a large bowl.And start to add dry ingredients in turn,powdered sugar,vanilla sugar,starch,flour and baking powder.Mix the ingredients equally,you don't have to knead the cookie dough just make sure the baking powder is spreaded equally in the dough.After it you only need to shape them by your hand.Form the dough into small balls and pressure lightly to make it platty.Then break and seperate the egg white.Put it in a small bowl.Put the ground walnuts in other bowl.First dip the top of the cookie dough into the egg white and then the walnuts.Place them on baking paper and adjust the space between them.Then bake at 180C(360F) for 20 mins,Enjoy!
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1 Cup Powdered sugar
100 gram Butter
100 ml Vegetable oil
1 Cup Starch
2 Cups Flour
1 Package Baking powder
1 Package Vanilla sugar
1 Cup ground walnut
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 egg white
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